Approx Cost:
Up to $200 for trips and specialist instruction
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Open entry. Students taking this course may not enter Physical Education PED101. Students who also select SPS101 and/or OED101 need to understand that some credits will overlap.

Course Outline:

Students who select this course should have genuine enthusiasm for learning in, through and about movement. The course has an emphasis on participation, challenge, personal development, and interpersonal skills. These concepts are explored in a practical way through a variety of physical and sporting contexts, supported by classroom discussion and assignment work. Whilst this course does provide robust academic challenge, those students who wish to explore biophysical principles and socio-cultural perspectives in more depth should select PED101.

This course offers 18 internally assessed credits at NCEA Level 1.


Level 2 Physical Education, Recreation, Sports Performance and Health courses (PED201, PER201, SPF201, HED201).  Lays the foundation for further study and careers in the sport, leisure, fitness and physical activity industries.

Where Does It Lead:


For further information see:
Mr P Nicholson or Miss S Eaton