Approx Cost:
Field trips/professional instruction $200.00, course books $20.00
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Requirements:

Open entry. Students taking this course may not enter Physical Education PED101. Students who also select SPS101 need to understand that some credits will overlap.

Course Outline:

The following standards are being considered for the course:

AS90962 (1.1) Participate in a range of physical activities and explain factors that affect participation.

AS90964 (1.3)   Demonstrate quality movements in the performance of a physical activity.

AS90966 (1.5)   Demonstrate interpersonal skills and use on-going reflection to explain the effects on the functioning of a group or team.

AS90968 (1.7)   Demonstrate and describe responsible behaviour for safety during outdoor education activities.

US505   Manage personal fitness with guidance.

A range of practical activities, sports, games and pursuits will be covered. Written work is an important component of this course.  We recommend the course to highly committed Physical Education students who aspire to careers within the Physical Education and Recreation industry.

Where Does It Lead:

Level 2 Health, Sports Coaching, Physical Education and Recreation courses (HED201, PED201, PER201, SPC201).

For further information see:
Mr P Nicholson.