Approx Cost:
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

At least 15 Level Physical Education credits (PED201, PER202, SPL201) or by HOLA approval. Students who also select FIT301 need to understand that some credits will overlap.  To gain UE you can only use one PED related course (PED301 or FIT301 but not both), your other two UE courses must be outside PED. Students taking this course are not able to enter into PER302. 

Course Outline:

This course is designed to prepare students for university studies as students will investigate a range of topics from a critical perspective. This includes sports science and the socio-cultural impacts of physical activity for self and others.

The following standards are being considered for this course:

AS91498 (3.1)  Evaluate physical activity experiences to devise strategies for lifelong well-being.

AS91499 (3.2) Analyse a physical skill performed by self or others.

AS91500 (3.3)  Evaluate the effectiveness of a performance improvement programme.

AS91501 (3.4)  Demonstrate quality performance of a physical activity in an applied setting.

AS91502 (3.5)  Examine a current physical activity event, trend or issue and its impact on New Zealand society (optional standard only).

AS91503 (3.6)  Evaluate the use of health promotion to influence participation in physical activity. (this would be an optional standard)

Where Does It Lead:

Tertiary study in recreation, leisure, physical education, health or outdoor instruction. This course is best suited to students wishing to study tertiary level Physical Education and Health courses (PE degree, teaching and health sciences).

For further information see:
Mr Wooding