Approx Cost:
There may be a cost of $20.00 for theory and aural workbooks.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is of benefit for this course
Entry Recommendations:

14 credits in NCEA Level 1 Music or by negotiation with the TIC Music.

Course Outline:

The range of standards that may be offered are:

91270      Solo Performance, 6 credits

91272      Group Performance, 4 credits.

91271      Composition, 6 credits.

91273      Instrumentation, 4 credits.

91276      Score reading, 4 credits.

91274      Solo performance on second instrument, 3 credits.

91275      Aural skills, 4 credits.

91278      Research, 4 credits.

US27657/27658    Music technology, 4 credits (TBC)

US27703     Live sound & Recording, 4 credits (TBC)

Students will have some choice in standards chosen in consultation with the teacher, provided their individualised programme totals a minimum of 14 credits.

Where Does It Lead:

Year 13 Music. Confidence as a performer, and vital contributing skills which together create the ‘all-round’ musician.

For further information see:
Mr Orr