Approx Cost:
$10 for possible field trips.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Requirements:

Open entry.

Course Outline:

Level 1 Media students will gain a broad understanding of the complex world that is the media in the 21st century. Students will be able to explore their strengths and passions in planning and producing media products for film, radio or various print media. Students will also gain important transferrable skills such as developing their presentation skills, working with others, critical analysis and problem-solving.  

Typical areas of learning will be selected from:

  • Social media usage.
  • The Advertising Standards Authority.
  • The radio show.
  • The Super Hero genre study.

Within these learning opportunities students will typically identify key features of the media text, as well as planning and producing self-directed media products, using the understanding they have developed.  Media Studies Achievement Standards are offered, three internal assessments and one external assessment.

Students taking MEP101 need to be self-motivated and committed to seeing their media products through to completion.

Where Does It Lead:

Media Production 201, Film Production 301, Broadcast Production 301. Tertiary studies at ARA NZ Broadcasting School, Video Post-production courses or other University Media/Film programmes. Careers in marketing, advertising & public relations.

For further information see:
Mr S Gilpin.