Approx Cost:
$50.00 dependent on materials selected for projects.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Preferred experience in Year 10 Materials Technology – Jewellery design. 

Course Outline:

This course will build on the skills taught in Year 10 but can be taken independently. You will be taught how to handmake, high quality, beautiful jewellery, and other small objects, using a range of materials, including resin, copper, wood, and other metals. We will learn several different techniques and ‘play’ with methods of testing how materials react in various situations. Learn jewellery construction through a variety of processes, which could include bending, cutting, casting, encapsulating, annealing, and soldering. Learn about the cultural and historical significance of jewellery and design our own pieces.


Students will be assessed in the following components:

  • Drawing design
  • Outcome development and practical skills.
  • Materials Knowledge.
Where Does It Lead:

Year 12 DVC and Year 12 Materials Technology (Resistant Materials and Engineering)  

For further information see:
Mr Perkins