Approx Cost:
NCEA Renash vocabulary booklet $17.00, Language Perfect subscription $25.00.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is of benefit for this course
Entry Requirements:

At least three of the Achievement Standards in NCEA Level 1 Japanese (one must be external) or by negotiation with HOLA.

Course Outline:

Level 7 of the National Japanese Curriculum will be covered through the study of four topics:

Term One       Family Life.

Term Two       Eating and drinking.

Term Three     The Japanese school system.

Term Four      Leisure activities.

Students will also learn about the culture and customs of Japan through interacting with native speakers in the target language.

This course offers three internal assessments and two external assessments.

Internal assessments

•    Writing portfolio

•    Spoken presentation

•    Conversation portfolio.

External assessments

•    Listening

•    Reading

Regular self and peer assessment will take place along with weekly tasks set through Language Perfect.

Where Does It Lead:

NCEA Level 3/Scholarship Japanese. Students who leave school could continue to study part‑time or full‑time at the polytechnic or study part‑time at university.  Knowledge of Japanese can help lead to work in tourist-related employment or in employment in firms which deal with Japan.

For further information see:
Mrs R Austen