Approx Cost:
$25.00 plus optional trip TBC & subject to availability

Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Requirements:

Open entry, but this course is suited to those with a strong interest in following the Health Education pathway, and to enable themselves to make health enhancing decisions.

Course Outline:

This course relates closely to real life social issues and provides the opportunity for students to develop personal strategies.

If you are interested in exploring "what makes you unique", a healthy versus unhealthy relationship and developing strategies to keep safe in social situations then this course will be of interest.

Key learning will include:

  • strategies to promote positive sexuality and prevention of drug issues (including consent, contraception, sexual health services, positive communication and diversity)
  •  interpersonal skills (decision making, problems solving, effective communication, rights and responsibilities in relationships)

This course will be a solid foundation to understanding the underlying concepts of Health Education

There will be one internal NCEA assessment in this course which includes 4 literacy credits. Other assessments will consist of individual projects and group tasks.

This course can be taken in combination with any other Year 11 Physical Education, Health Education or Outdoor Education semester courses.


Where Does It Lead:

HED201, HED301

For further information see:
Mrs Jones