Approx Cost:
$20.00 resources which could include community resources or specialist instruction.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Requirements:

12 credits in Level 2 Health (HED201) or by negotiation with the HOLA.

Course Outline:

The following standards are being considered for the course:

 AS91461 (3.1)  Analyse a New Zealand health issue.

AS91462 (3.2)   Analyse an international heath issue.

AS91463 (3.3)  Analyse health practices currently used in New Zealand.

AS91464 (3.4)  Examine a contemporary ethical issue in relation to well-being.

AS91465 (3.5)   Examine models for health promotion.

This course provides the foundation for pathways to the social and health sciences, focuses on societal influences on well-being and strategies needed in communities to enhance well-being and promote social justice.

This course is designed for students interested in health related pathways.

Where Does It Lead:

Tertiary study and possible career options could include education, psychology, sociology, politics, law, economic, medicine, community health, social and justice services.

For further information see:
Mrs D Jones