Approx Cost:
Specialist instruction, trips and event entry $200.00.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Requirements:

Open entry. While students can also enrol in other Level Physical Education courses, it needs to be noted that some standards are assessed in both courses.  To gain UE you can only use one PED related course (PED301 or FIT301 but not both), your other two UE courses must be outside PED.

Course Outline:

In this course, students will compete in the Christchurch 10km or Half Marathon and produce a media product outlining their progress. Leading up to this, they will undertake a range of training methods and experiences. In the second half of the year, students will engage in a range of activities and develop strategies for lifelong well-being beyond school.

This course is not designed for elite athletes and will suit a range of fitness levels, as long as students are keen to challenge themselves.

The following standards are being considered for this course:

AS91498 (3.1)  Evaluate physical activity experiences to devise trategies for lifelong well-being.

AS91501 (3.4)  Demonstrate quality Performance of a physical activity in an applied setting.

AS91506 (3.9)  Devise strategies for a physical activity outcome.

AS91495 (MED3.7)  Produce a media product to meet the requirements of a brief.

AS91502 (3.5)  Examine a current physical activity event, trend or issue and its impact on NZ Society (optional standard only).

Students can gain up to 18 University approved credits in Physical Education.

Where Does It Lead:

This course is designed to expose students to a range of physical activity around the local community. It is anticipated that these experiences will enable students to develop a passion for physical activity and its impact on their own well-being.

For further information see:
Mr J Goodfellow.