Approx Cost:
Approx $100.00 for trips, specialist instruction and event entry
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Open entry. While students can also enrol in other Level Physical Education courses, it needs to be noted that some standards are assessed in both courses.  FIT301 and PED301 can use credits from both courses, which total 31 credits,to gain UE but this will only count towards one UE subject.  Students other two UE courses must be outside Physical Education.

It is also advisable to have a smart phone with video function.

Course Outline:

How do you build a positive physical activity habit? Are you prepared to carry on your physical activity experiences beyond your high school years? What does it take to be ‘fit for life’?

This course explores these questions, and equips young adults with the skills, knowledge and dispositions to take charge of their own well-being as they take their next steps in life. Learners take up a 10km running challenge, setting their own targets and devising a personal plan for improvement, whilst taking up the optional challenge of documenting their progress in a media short film. 

No prior Physical Education experience is required.  This is suited to learners who are willing to apply themselves to physical, academic and creative challenges, and have the grit to see these challenges through.

This course carries 15 university entrance approved credits in Physical Education, plus 6 optional credits in Media.   

Where Does It Lead:

This course provides valuable personal development opportunities that are complimentary to any pathway beyond school. Credits gained set students up for tertiary study in Physical Education and related fields, and careers in the wellbeing, fitness and leisure industry as well as valuable skills for life.

For further information see:
Mrs Smith