Approx Cost:
$180.00 There will be at least one overnight trip plus a number of day excursions and field trips. the cost of suitable clothing must be met by the students.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Open Entry.  This course is available for any student with an interest in the outdoors.

Course Outline:

This is a course where learning experiences and class texts will centre around the outdoors. We will explore hunting, fishing, riding and hiking within an English context. This is not, however, an Outdoor Education course. There is a particular focus on communication and collaboration between students. We will use our incredible local area and environment to experience the outdoors and develop reading, writing, viewing and speaking skills. Students will have the opportunity to select their own individual learning pathway with a variety of English and literacy assessments on offer. There are approximately 18 credits available, depending on the learning plan of each student.

Where Does It Lead:

Depending on a student's individual learning plan: ENG201, ENH201 and ENW201 (if entry requirements are met), ENG202.

For further information see:
Mrs M Gander