Approx Cost:
Work booklets approx. $25.00
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is of benefit for this course
Entry Requirements:

Open entry. Completion of 10BUS is an advantage. Students who choose ECA101 are not eligible for ECO101 or ACC101.

Course Outline:

This course gives students an insight into general economic and accounting fundamentals. This course particularly suits anyone thinking of going into their own business as a sole trader (eg a builder). 


  • The economic problem of scarcity.
  • Consumer choices.
  • How the market operates. The New Zealand economy.
  • The effect of changes in the market on producers, consumers and the government.


  • Small business accounting.
  • Financial statements for a small business.

What you will learn:

  • Why consumers make choices.
  • How consumers react to events.
  • How consumer choices affect society.
  • How the actions of government impact on consumers and producers.
  • How to process financial transactions for a small business.
  • How to prepare financial statements for a small business.
Where Does It Lead:

Either or both Year 12 Economics and Accounting.

For further information see:
Mrs D Walker