Approx Cost:
$50 for equipment and workshops
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Recommendations:


Course Outline:

This one semester course will introduce students to a variety of Technology fields. Students will create a portfolio of work in a range of technological areas.

Students choose to be assessed on any 1 of the 5 technologies covered:

  • Costume 
  • Set design                                                                             
  • Lighting 
  • Make up
  • Prop construction

The student’s best work will count towards one Level 2 technology unit standard at the end of the semester.

Where Does It Lead:

Students interested in practical and design careers can develop higher levels of technological, practical and life skills relevant for a variety of Trade- related careers in architecture, fashion design, building and cabinetry, electrical, make-up, Film and Television and Theatre.  The skills learnt in this course include working as a technical group, creative and critical thinking skills, self- management, confidence and communication skills which can be used through and beyond the school career. Students can continue with Drama technologies if entry requirements are met or by negotiation with the HOD.

For further information see:
Mrs McLean