Approx Cost:
$40 for evening performances/workshops
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Requirements:

Minimum of ‘achieving at the level’ overall grade in Year 10 Drama or by negotiation with the HOD.

Course Outline:

Students are expected to rehearse in and out of class time and be available for evening performances for their major acting roles. This course is based around Level 5 of the National Curriculum. The range of Achievement Standards that may be offered are:

1.1. Apply Drama techniques in a dramatic context (4 credits).

1.2. Devise and perform a drama (5 credits).

1.3.  Demonstrate understanding of features of a theatre form (4 credits). (External)

1.4.  Use features of a theatre form in a performance (4 credits).

1.5. Demonstrate understanding of a significant play (4 credits). (Optional)

1.6. Perform an acting role (5 credits).


Where Does It Lead:

Students begin to develop higher level academic, technological, practical and life skills. The skills and attitudes learnt in Drama include working as a group, creative and critical thinking skills, self- management, confidence and communication skills can be used through and beyond the school career. Students can continue with Year 12 Drama if entry requirements are met or by negotiation with the HOD.

For further information see:
Mrs S McLean.