Approx Cost:
$50 includes a field trip and/ or workshops.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is essential for this course
Entry Requirements:

Open entry.

Course Outline:

Students are expected to rehearse in and out of class time and be available for technical rehearsals and evening performances.  This is a full year course covering a wide range of aspects that support theatrical performances, such as sound, lighting, stagecraft, costuming, make up and production roles.  Students have the opportunity to utilise these skills in a variety of contexts, such as School Productions and Drama 101, 201 and 301 assessments.

The range of Unit Standards that maybe offered are:

26686 Lighting

Demonstrate and apply knowledge of simple stage lighting for a performance context.

26690 Stage Craft and set design

Construct item(s) to meet production needs for a performance context from a given brief.

26689 Costume

Demonstrate knowledge of a costuming for a performance context.

26688 Make up

Demonstrate knowledge and techniques of make-up application for a performance context.

27702 Production

Take responsibility for a production area in a performance.

Where Does It Lead:

Students are introduced to a range of Performing Arts technologies. Students develop communication skills and develop life skills of working together as a team on a combined project. Students learn to self -manage and be responsible for a technical area with practical outcomes.

For further information see:
Mrs S McLean.