Approx Cost:
Students will be expected to have printing credit available for this subject (suggest a constant of $5)
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is not needed for this course
Entry Requirements:

12 credits from DTP101 or DTM101. Those students who are confident in a wide range of common software may apply by negotiation with the HOLA.

Students will need to have their own headphones.

Course Outline:

This course focuses on effective communication through digital media with a focus on developing proficiency in applying CSS to formal HTML pages.

Topics will include:

  • Standards for multimedia.
  • File management for multimedia.
  • Advanced tools and techniques for multimedia.


  • Advanced HTML coding.
  • CSS scripting.
  • Use of creative software.
  • Problem solving through the technological process.

It is expected that students will engage with their projects beyond class time.

Where Does It Lead:

Year 13 Digital Technologies (Multimedia) DTM301.

For further information see:
Mrs C Nesbit.