Approx Cost:
Students will be expected to have printing credit available for this subject (suggest a constant of $5)
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is not needed for this course
Entry Requirements:

12 credits from DTP101 or DTM101. Those students who are confident in a wide range of common software may apply by negotiation with the HOLA.

Students will need to have their own headphones.

Course Outline:

This course focuses on effective communication through the use of multiple digital media applications.  Students will work with a given client or can choose their own. Students choose the media they will use, to produce the outcome they wish to make.

They will conduct research, design and produce an effective outcome.  They will need to work independently and extend their skills in their chosen applications.

Where Does It Lead:

Year 13 Digital Technologies (Multimedia) DTM301.

For further information see:
Mrs C Nesbit.