Approx Cost:
Students are required to print out their work and will be expected to purchase a print card at the start of the year and replenish as necessary. They will need their own headphones.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is of benefit for this course
Entry Requirements:

Open entry, although this course is suited to students who are able to work independently on projects. Preference will be given to students who have completed 9DTY if the course is over-subscribed.

Course Outline:

This course is project-based and gives students the opportunity to consolidate and expand on skills in a variety of Digital Technologies.

The course builds understanding of brief development, planning, outcome development and evaluation as part of preparation for senior pathways in Digital Technologies.

Students develop skills and knowledge in Digital Information and Media.

  • Using common programs efficiently e.g. desktop publishing and databases.
  • Image and photo editing programs.
  • Creating multimedia elements e.g. sound, images, text, animation, and video.
  • Website development using a basic web language.
  • Research skills and presentation techniques.
  • Build on prior knowledge to develop projects of their own.

Assessment is by means of practical and written project work, both short and long term.

Where Does It Lead:

Year 11 Digital Technologies DTM101, DTP101 or DTA101.

For further information see:
Ms C Nesbit, Ms R Davey.