Approx Cost:
$20 for possible trips.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is of benefit for this course
Entry Requirements:

Open entry.

Note: Students selecting this course and Classical Studies 101 will have one standard that is common to both courses. (CLS 1.5 Internal assessment worth 6 credits).

Course Outline:

Students in this course will study the 1960s by focusing on Pop Culture. They will look at this through art, protests, assassinations and a decade of liberation. Along with a Film study from the 60s linking to the classical world. This course will help develop transferrable skills such as presenting, communicating, time-management, critical thinking, analysing and researching. This course is made up of Art History, Classical Studies and History Standards.

Typical areas of learning could include any of the following;

  • Pop Art – Artists of the decade and how art reflects the mood of society
  • Cultural Revolution – Fashion, Celebrities and TV. Ken is introduced to Barbie, GI Joe
  • A Film study that brings in the Classical World and to that of the modern 1960s
  • International Competition and Tension – Space Race and the moon landing, Cuban Missile Crisis, Berlin Wall steps up a level, along with the Vietnam War
  • Assassinations – From Presidents to Activists, John F Kennedy to Malcolm X
  • Protest and Liberation – Hippies, war and civil rights

This course includes 3 internal (14 credits) and 1 external (4 credits) Achievement Standards. These come from across the History, Classical Studies and Art History standards.

Where Does It Lead:

Decade studies 201, History 201, Classical Studies 201 and then tertiary study. The combination of these topics and standards are beneficial across a wide range of careers in areas such as law, journalism, museums, teaching, public and international relations along with government departments.

For further information see:
Miss N Hardaker