Approx Cost:
Workbook $15.00. Other costs may include field trips, exhibitions, or guest speakers.
Technology Requirements:
A laptop is of benefit for this course
Entry Recommendations:

Open Entry.

Course Outline:

A multi-disciplinary subject that covers art, history literature and philosophy of the ancient Greek and Roman world. Students study three topics:

  • Greek Mythology – Discover the fascinating world of myth. How did the Greeks believe the world began? Who were the Greek Gods?
  • Greek Social and Political Life – Look at how the Greeks lived and came up with many concepts that we still live with today like democracy.
  • Art and Architecture of Greece and Rome – Examine what we can learn about the lives of the Greeks and Romans from the art and architecture they created.
  •  Emperor Nero – Explore the interesting life of Emperor Nero. Was he crazy or just misunderstood?

These ancient civilisations provide the foundations for concepts that can still be found today and are relevant to New Zealand Society.

Classical Studies provides the opportunity to gain up to 20 credits; 2 internal assessment totalling 12 credits and 2 external assessments totalling 8 credits.

Where Does It Lead:

 Year 12 Classical Studies and then tertiary studies. Classical Studies is beneficial for a wide range of careers in fields as diverse as foreign affairs, trade and industry, archaeology, law, architecture, drama, museums and art galleries, journalism and teaching.

For further information see:
Mrs M Lindsay.